Lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

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ha tenido la oportunidad de hablar con Michael Trucco (Samuel Anders) sobre la precuela de BSG que se estrenará este otoño.

La entrevista está en inglés y la podríes encontrar tras el salto.

Are events such as the Battlestar auctions sort of a stopgap for the show, since it seems to live on with Caprica and The Plan, the upcoming DVD movie?

It does sort of hammer it home that it's over. The alternative [with the props] would have been to store them, which is costly: It's time-consuming, it's space-consuming and financially consuming. I think [executive producer] Ron [Moore] was pretty adamant about not resurrecting the series, one of those "We're going off the air. No, we're not! We're coming back. Oh, no we're not!" He didn't want to play like that, so he said this was the end of the show. So as far as I know, this is the end of the show. That's not to say they couldn't revive it; I think they could. From a fan standpoint, I think they could, and it would be viable. We're done with this version as it is. Caprica will take on as, a prequel, the themes of Battlestar Galactica, and I think it's going to do a great job. I saw the pilot, and I thought it was fascinating.

How would you describe The Plan? Is the film a coda for the series?

Whereas Caprica is a true prequel, 50 years before the beginning of Battlestar Galactica, The Plan is less a coda: It doesn't extend the story beyond what we saw in the finale. It actually picks up the story between season one and season two. It's actually prequel to the entrance of Anders, my character, and Cavil, Dean Stockwell's character. The movie is told from that perspective.

But the thrust of it is what happened before season two, when suddenly on this planet, Caprica, Starbuck finds this guy Anders and his band of resistance fighters, former teammates of the Caprica Buccaneers. Then, later in the season, we find this mysterious Brother Cavil, and this movie is going to answer questions [about] the moments before that, where we came from and how we came to get integrated into the story. It's going to weave its way in through storylines that we've already seen, [and] it's going to make you want to go back and go, "Oh! I want to watch that episode in season two again. Wait, Cavil was standing there the whole time?" We're going to use footage from stuff that's already been shot, but then they'll integrate it with a shot that will tie in [the fact] that Cavil was just around the corner hiding behind a tree in the forest, long before we even met him.

Was it tough to retrofit either your character or what the performance would be, since this pre-dates experiences the character has later in the series?

Retrofit is a good word, because we're going back in time. They even had to rebuild sets that we had since long destroyed. From season two, we had exteriors we shot on the forest, and they re-created these sets that we had shot a year and a half or two years earlier, and here we are back on the same set. They hired almost virtually the same background actors; they got a lot of the same day-player actors; we're all wearing the same thing. We cut our hair back to what it was like [then], and it was like being in a time machine; it was amazing. It was like, we did this in season two, and here we are going back to that moment in time, and it was a really interesting experience. That was when I first started on the show, so, yeah, you had to kind of erase all the baggage that came with Anders through the finale and start to put myself in the space of Anders the human that I started with, this character that I thought I knew before this big reveal that he's a Cylon. I had to put myself back in that frame of mind.

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